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mel-thumb-crpd-3The Melville Electronic Library is an online resource for Melville texts. Housed on a Hofstra University server, MEL is being developed and maintained by a group of Melville scholars and digital specialists.

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The Melville Society Archive

Descriptions of the contents of the 5 boxes containing the Walter Bezanson Papers


Walter Bezanson Papers Box 1

At front: loose, MS Extracts, Sept. 1978 – Feb. 1982

Manila folder: “MSEX 1990” (# 80, 83, 97, 78)

Loose: MSEX 82, 97, 98, plus typescript of talk at Melville Society meeting at Nantucket May 15, 1986: “Water, Meditation, Words”

Miscellaneous Extracts: 97, 97, 97, 86 (4), 82, 84, 86, 85

Emerson Society Quarterly, No. 28, part 2 (1962?)

More Extracts: 98, 91, 97, 98, 95, 96 (3), 2000

Letter from Merton M. Sealts, Jr., to Gail Coffler and Walter Bezanson

Folder: “Melville Society 96- 96 (1994, 1995, 1994)”

Folder MSEX = “Extracts” #s 71 -79 (+ #72 – 79 (Feb. 1988 – Nov. 1989)

Folder: Untitled

Extracts, Feb. 84 / Feb. 86, Feb. – Nov. 1990

Feb, Nov, 1991, March – Nov. 1992

June 1993, Dec. 1996

“Annual Report, American Literature Section of the Modern Language Association”

Folder: Untitled

Extracts for May 72, Oct. 72, Jan. 73, April 73, Sept. 73, Oct. 71, May 71, Feb. 71, Oct. 70, Jan. 72, Dec. 69, Nov. 69, Aug. 69, June 69, May 77, Nov. 77, Nov. 73, Feb. 75, May 75, Dec. 75, Feb . 76, June 76, Sept. 76 (2), Nov. 76, Feb. 74, Nov. 74

Letter to Members of the Melville Society April 1969

Loose: Berkshire History, 21 (Spring 1976)

Program for Volos Conference 1997

Nina Byam offprint: “The Erotic Motif in Melville’s Clarel,” Texas Studies in Literature and Language (Summer 1974)

Richard Fogle offprint: “Meville’s Calrel: Doubt and Belief,” Tulane Studies in English

Folder: Untitled

Miscellaneous emails, typed manuscripts, essays

Walter’s notes on “Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams after 100 years” (11/17/99)

Invitation for submission from Jill B. Gidmark

Melville / Hawthorne conference, Pittsfield, June 1982, reprint

Editorial correspondence

Page proofs for “Document, Drama, Dream”

Offprints: “Moby-Dick: Work of Art,” Darmstadt, 1977

Red Folder: Prints (“Model of Whaler Deborah Gifford,” Garneray “Peche du Cachalot,” “Capturing a Sperm Whale,” Garneray “Peche de la Baleine,” “Sperm Whaling—the Conflict”)

Folder: Untitled

            Miscellaneous clippings

            Hofstra Conference (2001) Program

            Christmas card from John Bryant

            More clippings, Christmas card photo of Walter Bezanson and Gail Coffler

Folder: “Clarel Review”

            Review in the The New Republic by Helen Vendler (1992)

Loose: Copy of Neal Tolchin’s “The House of Mourning: Melville in His Culture” (written for Walter’s seminar)

Folder: “Tolchin, ‘The House of Mourning: Melville in His Culture’” (Tolchin essay removed, a catalog of Gaughin paintings [text by John Rewald] inserted instead)

Loose: Brochures and “Companion Guide” for “Damned in Paradise” (annotated)—Video (1986)

Folder: Untitled

            Series of prints, some nautical, with captions clipped on, as well as postcards from the New Bedford Whaling Museum

Loose: Two Arrowhead Newsletters (one from 2007 Gam), both annotated, and a New Bedford Whaling Museum Members Bulletin (2007)

Folder: “NN Clarel—Hist Note—Nov. 90.” Proofs of Clarel “Historical Note,” annotated.

Loose: Offprints of articles by Luther Mansfield, J. A. Ward, Paolo Cabibbo, John W. Young, Cornel West and D. Graham Burnett, Larry J. Reynolds (some annotated)

Folder: “HM—Offprints” A chapter by David Leverenz

Envelope: Addressed to Walter E. Bezanson, 313 Beechwood Ave., Middlesex, N.J. Marked “Melville Society Newsletter, XIII 1957, XIV 1958 (minus Winter).”

Loose: Sheila Post-Lauria, “Editorial Politics and the Composition of Israel Potter.” Typescript, Xerox.

            Extracts for February 1985, 2005, July 2003, all annotated.

Accordian Folder: “GALAPAGOS Islands ’83.”

            Postcards, brochures. Envelope: “Galapagos Trip: business stuff.” Folder: “GALAPAGOS—list of people (etc).” Folder: “GALAPAGOS.” Loose notes and brochures. Envelope: “Princeton Nature Tours.”

Walter Bezanson Papers Box 2

 Loose Papers

  1. Typescript. Brief report on or review of Sidney P. Moss, Hawthorne and Melville: An Inquiry into Their Art and the Mystery of Their Friendship. November 2, 197
  2. Clipping. Russell Baker, “Life in Soapland.” New York Times. September 24, 1991.
  3. Magazine article. Marianne Wiggins, “In the Sinai, A Vision of Sand, Stars and Sea.”
  4. Typescript. “Doc. Drama. Dream. (Discard?)”
  5. Xerox Proofs. “Moby-Dick: Document, Drama, Dream.”
  6. Pamphlet. “Words and Music by David Levine.”
  7. Barry Werth, “The Scarlet Professor.” New Yorker review.
  8. 3 copies of typescript. “Death in Herman Melville.” Table.
  9. Slip. “Clarel + the Ionic” AL, 1981
  10. Clipping, William E. Farrell, “Jerusalem’s Separate World.” New York Times 12/19/1982.
  11. Xeroxed typescript. By Shirley Dzemba.
  12. Letter. Donald Yannella to Walter Bezanson. January 5, 1979.
  13. Manuscript. “M’s Poetry (Clarel MS)”
  14. Note. April 17, 1991. “Key—2 directions for crit?”
  15. Poster. Nassau Community College. “Mariner and Mystic: A Herman Melville Festival.” 1968.

Folders (numbers refer to folders)

  1. Sealts [Merton M. Sealts, Jr.], et al.
  2. U.S.S. Constitution
  3. Ship: CONSTITUTION—97
  4. Mystic—June 99—Reading
  6. Clarel—& modern Archael.
  7. ZEROX—HM mtgs G + W pics.
  8. Enc: Final copy (MD)
  9. No Name (Correspondence)
  11. Melville Corresp.
  12. CAPE HORN—Apr 12, ‘94
  14. Melville & Dana—Notes for N. Or. Paper
  15. “CAPE HORN”—paper Apr ‘95
  16. PAPER M & Dana (N.O. Spring ’93)
  17. HM’s Novels: ESQ paper
  18. “THE NEW MELVILLE” MLA 1990 Chicago—Panel papers—
  19. Typee—Am. Writers Respond—deleted, keynote, use Essays
  20. MD –go over—Notes during Wr. MS—go over for Companion
  21. 1954 Prog—Camera 3
  23. HM + Boston—Lect—3/28/90
  24. “The Context of M’s Fictions”
  25. MLA Panel: The New Melville
  26. Madness in NH—Poe—M—(find the essay) excellent prospectus
  27. ELH paper—MS (carbon)
  28. DANA—2 yrs.
  29. M-D: lect notes
  30. HM—NYC—South St. Seaport—M Soc—12/72 & Snug Harbor—Staten I.
  31. HM: Ltrs., Juvenilia, Reviews
  32. HM + Visual Arts (notes)
  33. HM—+ his Publishers
  34. Judex: Maps, illus. etc
  35. Cover “CLAREL for Dr. W. E. Bezanson
  36. CLAREL—Sources {esp other poets}
  37. Clarel—Ms—Introd.—Copy 2
  38. CLAREL
  39. MS—Duke—F. Knapp—Clarel 8/67 [may refer to Joseph G. Knapp, Tortured Synthesis: The Meaning of Melville’s Clarel (New York: Philosophical Library, 1971)]
  40. KEYNOTE—ideas—Misc—go over—Yes!
  41. OLSON
  42. MERT [Merton M. Sealts, Jr.] — Jay [Jay Leyda]
  43. CLAREL—offprints, corresp., etc
  44. Clarel—notes
  45. M’s poetry—general
  46. BATTLE-PIECES (1866)
  47. PMLA—“M. Turns to Poetry”: 8/84
  48. Melville-Hawthorne Conf—1966
  49. Hofstra—some misc notes for ideas.
  50. Moby-Dick 2001—HOFSTRA *
  51. Bryant [John Bryant]—Msoc
  52. Clarel Notices—Northwestern N. P.
  53. DUBAN, James—UT—re promotion M’s Major Fictions 9/89
  54. WHALES
  55. WHALES
  56. WHALES
  57. McCarter—Programs—1975-78
  58. HM—New Books
  60. CARLSON, Tom—M’s Novs (pre MD) 71
  61. HM + ELIZ—Eddy PhD [Darlene Fern Mathis Eddy, Ph.D. dissertation entitled “A Dark Similitude: Melville and the Elizabethan-Jacobean Perspective”
  62. SIEGEL, Mark—Dissert
  63. HM: Herbert [T. Walter Herbert] MS: M’s Religious Conflict
  64. M-D Drama +Dream
  65. KENTUCKY—ACA—Lexington ’92 Melville Soc Meeting
  66. San Antonio ACA—91 (March)
  67. HM—“Extracts:--M. Soc.

Walter Bezanson Papers Box 3

1. Correspondence with Helen Wilson et al (re: videotaped interview with Walter)

2. SALEM: Peabody-Essex Museum brochure (June 1998)

3. Mystic Seaport materials and news clippings (1998)

4. Essays by other scholars and writers, including Dennis Berthold, Merton M. Sealts, Jr., Louise Barnett, Carolyn Karcher, Gail Coffler, and Wilson Heflin.

5. Herman Melville ‘09 Teaching Notes (2 index cards and list of Melville’s tales)

6. Moby-Dick course and ideas (Dartmouth travel brochure and notice of two books on ocean studies)

7. Dartmouth College Board of Trustees (correspondence and mailing)

8. Melville Society Extracts (No. 95, December 1993)

9. Blue folder: Pittsfield Centennial Conference (May 1991)

10. Britten’s Billy Budd opera (playbill, ticket stub, news clippings, broadside of “Billy in the Darbies”)

11. Billy Budd (notes and bibliography of secondary sources)

12. Billy Budd (article by Charles Weir, reader’s report, bibliography of secondary sources, speculations about Melville’s use of New York City libraries in 1885-1891)

13. Billy Budd (clippings and notes for an essay)

14. Notes related to a class on the short stories of Herman Melville (Spring ’01) at Boston Center for Adult Education

15. Herman Melville’s short fiction (clippings and notes)

16. Clippings and notes related to “Paradise of Bachelors, Tartarus of Maids”

17. Herman Melville short stories (chronology and news clipping re: Harper’s)

18. Ms. for Bezanon’s “Herman Melville: Uncommon Common Sailor”

19. Materials on New Bedford (news clippings, maps, brochures)

20. Miscellaneous materials (review of Eric Dolin’s Leviathan, Melville Society announcements, NBWM calendar)

21. Publications of Benzanson (bibliography and annual supplemental personnel record sheet for Rutgers)

22. Notes related to Bezanson’s keynote address for Melville Centennial in Pittsfield (1991) and “Herman Melville: Uncommon Common Sailor” (includes correspondence with Robert Milder and John Bryant)

23. Heinrich Heine’s Pictures of Travel


24. Bezanson personnel data (CVs and lists of publications)

25. Bezanson personnel data (NEH grant application)

26. Letter from Walter Bezanson and Gail Coffler to Merton M. Sealts, Jr.

27. Miscellaneous notes for Moby-Dick (includes critical essay by Albert Camus)

28. Teaching notes for Moby-Dick

29. Correspondence and program for panel at 1990 American Culture Association meeting.

30. Pages 199-202 of an offprint for “Moby-Dick: Document, Drama, Dream”

31. Clippings and notes for “Moby-Dick and the Sea”

32. Clippings and notes related to Benito Cereno

33. List of “Further Reading” for Moby-Dick

34. Moby-Dick teaching notes (Fall 2000), New York Times Magazine article, “Herman-Neutics,” correspondence with Hershel Parker re: Harrison Hayford’s obituary.

35. Moby-Dick teaching notes (Fall 2001)

36. Notes related to Moby-Dick class at Boston Center for Adult Education (Winter 1995)

37. Notes related to Moby-Dick class at Boston Center for Adult Education (Fall 1994)

38. Notes on whaling

39. Melville correspondence from 1960 (3 letters)

40. Photostat of 1844 copyright entry for Redburn

41. Melville Society conference in Mystic (1999)

42. Melville Society meeting at MLA (1992)

43. Melville-Hawthorne conference (1982)

44. Melville Society conference at Annapolis (1994)

45. Melville Society Extracts (Nos. 51, 52, 53, 55, 59, 60, 62, 63, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47)

46. Northwestern University Press bill

47. Melville Society records, 1966

48. Notes related to Melville Society meetings at MLA (1965-1967); correspondence with Richard Poirier and M.H. Abrams; articles by Terence Martin, Stuart Sherman, Merton M. Sealts, Jr., Frances Osborne

49. Notes related to Melville Society meeting at MLA (New York, NY) in 1954

50. Notes related to Melville Society executive committee (1955); Melville Society Newsletter (Spring 1954); Annual Melville Bibliography (1951)

51. Melville Society Newsletter (1948-1956); Melville Society notes and membership roster.

52. Assorted news clippings and offprint of Bezanson’s “Moby-Dick: Document, Drama, Dream”

53. Folder: “M. Soc—actions, memos, etc.” Correspondence with Tyrus Hillway (1958). Copy of By-Laws. Correspondence with Henry Murray (1969), Hennig Cohen (1969) re: “poor mad Gil Wilson,” and Howard Vincent. Notes.

54. Folder: “MELVILLE SOC.—FELLOWS + Reg Reps.” Lists of officers and regional representatives. Correspondence with Leon Howard, Willard Thorp, Richard Fogle, Tyrus Hillway, Luther Mansfield, W.B. Dillingham, Robert Ryan, and Hershel Parker. 1969.

55. Folder: “LEVIATHAN—plans.” Plan for a volume entitled “Knowing Melville: Essays on Herman Melville and American Literature of the Sea.” 1972. Plan for journal Leviathan (1969). Correspondence with Hennig Cohen and Thomas Philbrick. Story by Charles Philbrick based on the wreck of the Essex submitted to Leviathan.

56. Loose. Mimeograph list of collections of Melville’s stories. Rough draft of an essay on Ishmael, attached to a legal pad.

57. Folder: “M-D—class—BEALE 3/20/96.” Notes on “Atlantic Initiation.” Extracts Dec. 1994, March 1994, September 1994.

58. Folder: “Haskell’s bk—my notes on ‘American Lit and the Sea.’” In reference to Haskell Springer’s America and the Sea: A Literary History (1995).

59. Folder: “Haskell’s Am & The Sea—U. Ga. Pr. ’93. –coming 2/95.” Brochure.

60. Folder: “HASKELL’S MSS American & The Sea.” Bezanson’s reader’s report.

61. Folder: “Duban, Clarel art—from John B.—5/97.” Off-print of review by Robert Milder. Manuscript article by James Duban sent by John Bryant.

62. Folder: “M—H—F: (notes for) ‘Essays.’” WB notes.

63. Loose: Mimeograph list of Bezanson publications. Manuscript note to Jonathan Brent.

64. Folder: “CLAREL & The Late Years.” Manuscript notes.

65. Loose: Manuscript note to Robert Milder.

66. Folder: “CLAREL—N. Adams—’96.” Manuscript notes.

67. Folder: “Poetry—HM Clarel—Conf?” Manuscript notes, clippings.

68. Folder: “N. Adams—HM Conf: 1 Aug. 95 (+ R. P. Warren [Robert Penn Warren]).” Clippings.

69. Folder: “HM—arts & crit.—read.” Clippings, note cards. 1969.

70. Folder: “H. PARKER—Clarel selections.” Correspondence with Hershel Parker.

71. Folder: “Melville—current misc. TO FILE.” Clippings, 1950s.

72. Folder: “Clarel: review (pub) + personal ltrs.” Fan letter from Geoffrey Newbold. Miscellaneous correspondence. Reviews re. Clarel edition.

73. Folder: “Clarel—Corresp. (not errata, not reviews, not pub).” Miscellaneous letters.

74. Folder: “H. B. Hough, ‘Melville’s Capt.’” Correspondence. Clipping on Capt. Pease [Henry Beetle Hough, “Melville’s Captain Was a Vineyarder,” Vineyard Gazette (Edgartown, MA), July 2, 1929].

75. Loose: Note on comedy. Xerox of essay on Typee.

76. Folder: “Melville Offprints, Etc.” Student Paper (Edward Mylod, 1949) on Melville’s poems. Offprints by Harrison Hayford, Jay Leyda. Mimeograph essays by Howard C. Horsford and Merton M. Sealts, Jr.. Offprints by Joseph Jones, John Birss, Merton M. Sealts, Jr., Walter Harding, Louise Dauner, Egbert S. Oliver, and David Potter. Miscellaneous notes and clippings.

77. Folder: “H. Hayford 2003.” Email correspondence with Harrison Hayford family (2001), Elizabeth Schultz, Hershel Parker, Gail Coffler, John Bryant, John Gretchko, and Clare Spark.

78. Folder: “Melville—Book Cats.” Book lists from 1948, 1952.

79. Folder: “Melville—Reviews.” Clippings 1947-52.

80. Folder: “Melville Conference—1951 (Williamstown).” Brochures, clippings.

81. Folder: “Melville Movies, Plays, etc.” Clippings 1956-65.

82. Folder: “VITA—’90.”

83. Folder: “KEYNOTE—copies.” “Herman Melville: Uncommon Common Sailor.”

Walter Bezanson Papers Box 4

Letters to Walter Hendricks regarding publication of Clarel, 1957-1959

Correspondence with Howard Vincent and Harrison Hayford, 1957-1959

Tom Wolfe and To Do list on Hendricks’ Israel Potter Edition 1968

Israel Potter: Reputation – 1856-1921 (after reviews)

Typed Manuscript of intro to Hendricks’ Israel Potter with Notes (Section III) 1970

Typed Manuscript of intro to Hendricks’ Israel Potter with Notes (Section IV) revised 1971

Typed Manuscript of intro to Hendricks’ Israel Potter with Notes (Section V) original 1970 and revised 1971

Notes and Articles on Israel Potter Articles and Sources

Israel Potter – Critics – Since 1921

Notes on Typee – Northwestern-Newberry Edition

Correspondence and Notes on Northwestern-Newberry Editions, 1967

Melville Editions (Northwestern-Newberry), Reports on and Early Plans

Herman Melville: European Journal (1849), Sources for Israel Potter

Notes on Henry Trumbull, original author of Israel Potter

Notes on Benjamin Franklin sources for Israel Potter

Notes on John Paul Jones sources for Israel Potter

Notes on Ethan Allen sources for Israel Potter

Notes on Berkshire sources for Chapter One of Israel Potter

Notes on various sources for Israel Potter (Revolution, James Fenimore Cooper, Arthur Mervyn, Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne)

Notes on Dissertations on Israel Potter by Walter Jones and W. Sprague Holden

Articles and Papers read and reviewed by Bezanson on Nathaniel Hawthorne, John Keats, Robert Frost, and Goldman’s Clarel [Stan Goldman, Melville's Protest Theism: The Hidden and Silent God in Clarel (DeKalb: Northern Illinois University Press, 1993)]

Correspondence with Jill B. Gidmark/Jill Barnum and Mary K. Bercaw Edwards on the Encyclopedia of the Sea and the Great Lakes

Syllabus, Roster, and Recommendation on Teaching Moby-Dick at the Boston Center for Adult Education, 1998

Reviews of N-N Journals by James D. Bloom and Geoffrey O’Brien

Press Materials on the video: Damned in the Midst of Paradise (1985)

Personal Correspondence, letters of Walter Bezanson from 1960, 1961, 1982

Melville’s Tales, Chronology and Bibliography

Notes on Chris Sten, 1998

Review of Hershel Parker and article on “The Apple-Tree Table” by Jonathan A. Cook

Galapagos Islands (map)

Notes on “I and My Chimney”

Xeroxes of “In the Desert” and “the College Colonel”

Copies of “Mingling Threads of Life” – short Melville biography

Notes on Arrowhead

Syllabus and Roster for course on Great Short Works of Melville, Boston Center for Adult Education, 2001

Information Sheets for Reading Moby-Dick, Boston Center for Adult Education, 2001

Notes on class on Bartleby at Boston Center for Adult Education, 1997

“Rough Drafts” of “Herman Melville: Uncommon, Common Sailor,” on Typee, 1849 Voyage

HM: Course Records (Boston Center for Adult Education), handout on Reading Moby-Dick

Short Biography of Walter Bezanson for 1999 Mystic Conference

MLA Radio Series “What’s the Word?” 1998-1999

Official Papers on Mystic Conference, 1999

Notes on Moby-Dick CD-Rom for Jim Bride with Merton M. Sealts, Jr., 1997-1998

“W’s [Walter Bezanson’s] Essay for John Bryant”: Publication papers and hard copy of “HM: Uncommon, Common Sailor” for Evermoving Dawn, 1995-1996

Helen Vendler’s review of Clarel and Journals, New Republic, 1992

Reader’s Report on Julian Markels’ King Lear, Moby-Dick, and the Politics of America for U. of Fla., 1990

Published Reviews of “Into the Deep: America, Whaling, and the World” (2010) and Philippe Sollers, “Diabolique Melville” in Le Novel Observateur, (March 17, 2010): 54-6

Letters and cards from Steve Whicher [1952] , Jonathan A. Cook [1997] , and Milton [Stern?] [1961]

Walter Bezanson Papers Box 5

  1. [Loose] Note card file: “M.D notes & refs. (MISC) Take out any usable ideas + junk rest—(WB)”
  2. Thompson review (MLN) / Fogle Review (NEQ)
  3. Melville Marginalia [with Bezanson, “Melville’s reading of Arnold’s Poetry,” PMLA (1954) and list of “Melville’s Reading—1849 and 1850”]
  4. Melville Society Correspondence (1969)
  5. Melville misc. bibliography data [with Alfred Kazin, “The Inmost Leaf” (on Sedgwick & Melville’s poetry), The New Republic (December 18, 1944)]
  6. Clarel, 1974 ed., ideas & information for [including clippings & notes]
  7. Greylock Clarel: Correspondence & [contribs?], 4/70 [esp. re: including Bezanson’s Clarel in the Greylock ed. (rather then Hendricks House ed.) with Charles Feidelson’s Moby-Dick and H. Bruce Franklin’s The Confidence-Man]
  8. Inventory: Berkshire Athenaeum—Pittsfield [inventory of the collection in The Melville Room]
  9. Clarel: Correspondence (not Raleigh or Hendricks) [with carbon copy of confidential letter to Hendricks House editors from Howard P. Vincent (January 28, 1963): “It was agreed that desperate conditions required a desperate remedy. . . . Any action is of course painful, but inaction has been and will be even more so.”
  10. Clarel (HH), 1969 [Hendricks House]
  11. Arnold, Prose (to do)
  12. “Melville’s Reading of A[rnold]’s Poetry”—MS.
  13. Arnold (Used)
  14. Arnold Lecture
  15. Melville ed., 1953 [Bezanson’s Hendricks House ed. of Clarel)
  16. Melville Correspondence [Letters from Harold M. Turner, Wilson Heflin, Nathalia Wright, Lawrence Barrett, Charles Feidelson, Tyrus Hillway, and Dorothee Grdseloff]
  17. Correspondence—1957-1958—misc. (unanswered)
  18. Correspondence, London.
  19. [unmarked folder]: Hawthorne-Melville Conference program, June 4-5, 1982, program
  20. [unmarked folder]: Letter from Harrison Hayford (April 6, 1990) re: NN Clarel
  21. [unmarked folder]: Rough proofs of Hennig Cohen introd. to his edition of Israel Potter: “Israel Potter: Background and Foreground” signed by Hennig Cohen
  22. Poem as Biography [ms. and notes]
  23. Clarel reviews—contemporary
  24. MS Carbon [Hendricks House ed. of Clarel Table of Contents]
  25. Paper MLA [December 1953 paper: “Melville’s Clarel: The Complex Passion”]
  26. Characters [note cards on characters in Clarel]
  27. [unmarked folder]: Rutgers newspaper clippings, other newspaper clippings, and correspondence re: television program entitled “Camera Three” featuring Bezanson (CBS) 1955
  28. [unmarked folder]: Email with Timothy Marr (2009)
  29. E[mily] D[ickinson] Illustrations [offprints on Dickinson, including “Emily Dickinson: Letter to the World” exhibit at the Folger Library (1983)]
  30. F. O. Matthiessen [assorted clippings]
  31. [Loose] Man and Nature (December 1971) [Walden and Whales]
  32. 19th C. Engraving—“Scene on the Susquehannah” [also, Walter Harding, “A Thoreauvian in Japan” (1965) and “Prospectus for a Dissertation on Sexuality and Sex Roles in Nineteenth Century Utopian Communities in the U.S.,” notated “L. Kern—Hist.—RO (1973?)”
  33. Hendricks House Correspondence 1988
  34. [Palas?] Business expenses [misc. correspondence, esp. with Fred L. Richardson, Jr., Stanley Salmen of The Atlantic Monthly Press, and Sumner Putnam]
  35. Clarel: Introduction, Northwestern-Newberry, June 1990—final copy
  36. [unmarked folder]: Clarel Introduction, pp. 137-49: carbon and notes
  37. Clarel ’88: Hershel [Parker], NN ed. [correspondence and notes]
  38. Clarel, NN agreements & problems Correspondence & Instructions
  39. Clarel—Annotations—to do! Illustrations Additions June 1990 [all that is enclosed is an 1850 plan of Jerusalem]
  40. Clarel—Alma [MacDougall Reising, copy-editor for NN ed.: correspondence & notes]
  41. Clarel—corrections & adds; Format & Illus. 1990
  42. Clarel—Corresp. re readers, friends before 1990
  43. [Carl] Bode: Young Rebel
  44. Howard C. Horsford, Jr. (Princeton Press)
  45. MD paper—rough draft [carbon of Bezanson’s essay “Moby-Dick: Work of Art” with annotations]
  46. Format –Clarel [line count and pagination]
  47. Extra Photostats [of 1876 Putnam’s edition of Clarel]
  48. Galleys—Clarel page proofs [manuscript notes, evidently corrections—no page proofs enclosed]
  49. Clarel: Vincent [correspondence with Howard Vincent, incl. March 8, 1961, letter, beginning: “Dear Howard [Vincent] & Harry [Hayford] & Willard [Thorp]: To godfather, European byblow, and orphan (respectively) of the Melville Edition”
  50. Short Title List [for Clarel ed.]
  51. Clarel Hendricks corresp. + notes 1959-1960
  52. Chase critique [“Interplanetary Criticism: Notes on Chase’s ‘Herman Melville’” (c. 1953); first draft entitled “A Note on Richard Chase, Herman Melville, and the Stratosphere” (read at Melville Society Mtg., Dec. 29, 1952)]
  53. Melville—Arnold [notes on Matthew Arnold, letter to Henry Murray (December 1, 1951), and correspondence from 1951 re: Rutgers University]
  54. MLA paper (Dec ’53) [typescript of Bezanson’s paper entitled “Melville’s Clarel: The Complex Passion,” notes, and correspondence]
  55. Am. Heritage—review [carbon copy of Bezanson’s review of first two issues of American Heritage, published in Journal of Rutgers University Libraries, 18 (June 1955), 33-37]
  56. M-D: Work of Art MS (with notes) [and correspondence with Tyrus Hillway (1952-1953)]
  57. HM—Biog—MS. Transcript (WEB) Lizzie’s Pocket Diaries [typescript “Transcripts from Lizzie’s Pocket Diaries” with pencil notation “Made by—W.E. Bezanson winter: 1941-1942” and “Two ms. poems, unpublished (?) of Melville, & a good letter of ‘64”]
  58. IP—Reviews—lists, etc, + NOTES [lists of and notes on reviews of Israel Potter]
  59. Loose notes, reviews on Israel Potter, letter from Bob at Ohio State University (November 2, 1954)
  60. Israel Potter—Townley’s paper [Rod Townley, “In Pursuit of Israel Potter” (May 12, 1967) and notes]
  61. Harry H—HM ed ’79 [carbon copy of letter to Harrison Hayford (October 27, 1978)]
  62. Harry H: 1969 [correspondence and notes]
  63. Variants & Textual Notes & Probs [for Israel Potter]
  64. IP Revision (2): 1st draft [notes]
  65. IP: “Sources”—bib[liography] for
  66. “Unfinished” (IP) –7/71 may need for MS
  67. Annotations to IP (if doing a text)
  68. MSS—WEB [notes on Israel Potter]
  69. IP—Serial Notices [notes]
  70. IP—Rev[iew]s of Book—American
  71. IP—Rev[iew]s of Book—English (3) French (1)
  72. IP: Zerox MS (WB) [notes on composition of Israel Potter]
  73. Editions—IP (See also “Putnam” folder)
  74. Criticism & Reading Notes—WEB [for] IP
  75. HCL—M—Houghton Coll[ection] (1938)
  76. Houghton Lib[rary]—IP
  77. [unmarked folder]: notes on reviews of Israel Potter
  78. Typed MS—I, II & IV Early versions [Historical Note to Israel Potter]
  79. IP: Putnam’s serialization
  80. IP—the Book (vs. mag[azine]) pub.
  81. The Refugee [notes & Godey’s Lady’s Book (May 1865) announcement]
  82. Sept ’78—to do IP
  83. IP from Harry [Harrison Hayford] 1/81
  84. IP—Revisions: 6/72 (to H[arrison] H[ayford])
  85. [Hershel] Parker & [Joel] Myerson—re Reviews
  86. Sources: Trumbull’s Life (see also Trumbull) [notes]
  87. Trumbull’s Life (zerox) [notes]
  88. IP: Book—Advs. for [notes]
  89. MS I (Typed) [Historical Note to Israel Potter (revised May 1971)]
  90. MS II (Typed) [Historical Note to Israel Potter (revised June 1971)]


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